Culture of Communication

“Snap me so I can find out where the party is”

“Tweet out the location later.”

“She liked 6 of my IG posts, so clearly she’s feel in’ a n****”

All of these were verbal conversations that I have heard over the past few months. I’m not a hater, but I can definitely say that communication is complicated in young culture. The age of social media and immediate contact delves into the idea that I can guard myself from what might be the truth, what is the truth, and what I’ve told someone in person; which still leaves all variable

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5 Fruits and Veggies A Day Can Lower Your Risk of Death


We all know the cliche “an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but in recent years, many studies have taken that promise even further, linking the daily consumption of fruits and vegetables to a reduced risk of mortality—especially from heart disease and cancer.

In a review and analysis of such studies published in The BMJ, researchers from China and the U.S. found that indeed, consuming fruits and vegetables is correlated with a lower risk of death in some cases—but that the association is not consistent for all types of death.

The researchers looked at 16 studies, which included a total of 833,234 participants, 56,423 of whom died. In order to minimize bias, investigators took into account various differences in study design and quality, and analyzed subgroups to confirm that results did not vary significantly by location.

Consuming more fruits and vegetables was significantly associated with a reduced risk…

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Blame Rap Music? 1 Underage Rape, 50 Arrests, & 22 People Hospitalized During Violent Keith Urban Country Concert

Who is to blame? Accelerated culture growth of the youth? Access to alcohol and drugs? Or just environment of people without manners and behavioral standards? You decide….



But we thought stuff like this only happened at hip hop shows?

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Concur Is Partnering With Airbnb And Uber To Capture A New Breed Of Business Traveler


Business expense and travel management company Concur has announced some new partnerships that should enable users to better manage expenses across a wider range of businesses. Those partnerships, with startups Airbnb and Uber, are designed to put it in a better position as the world of business travel changes.

Integrating with those companies isn’t just about appealing to a new set of business travelers. It’s about getting ahead of the curve as the business travel market begins to catch up to changes already happening in the consumer market.

“If you look at the transformation happening in consumer travel, those things haven’t translated to business travel,” according to Mike Hilton, EVP and GM of Concur. “There’s a disconnect with how companies think and what’s really happening in the travel space.”

On the Airbnb side, Concur partnered with it to help the hospitality capture more of the business market. It’s doing that…

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Free Write Poem #1

Every so often I’ll post something that I wrote that does a decent job lyrically. So here’s the first step, hope you all enjoy it. PSA: More than likely going to be a sappy piece, but fxck it. It’s mine.

I really am smitten. 

Tell me a thing that makes you unattractive.

 I’ll still think you’re as cute. 

Not to mention everything about you makes me not want to live without you so I hope I can ask this once. I always say give me 3 words just to wow you but I want to say give me a thousand so I can write an unfinished poem that would never have to end, and sophisticated ending to starting off as friends. 

I really think its great you’re the way you are. I’ve had days of thinking that this won’t go far. But I have to calmly ask if this could be a good fit. Could I come for the ride do you want to go with? 

Me despite your height in a great pair of boots, I can’t take my eyes off every other part of you. You could make me swoon it’s unfair to me now, I look at you from afar and melt from the head down. But that’s classic so I’ll keep my head up, because you got angry when I would tell you big stuff. However I know beneath all the anger involved is a gorgeous dancing girl whom I feel so strong for. 

Enough sheltering feelings emotions started reeling and I’m looking to ask you to be much more. You’ll always be the homie you’ll always be my friend. Now I can I ask you to be mine till the end?

It’s something you can’t imagine

the process that makes it happen

my words becoming slurred is there difference

between the actions of the man on the sideline or in the stands.

I want to be the one on your sideline celebrating with you,

and someday finding how much i mean to you.

This feeling isn’t crazy this feelings just true,

I have actually just started to really like you. 

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Jameis on paying players: ‘free education… enough for me’

FINALLY we have an athlete who doesn’t put money before wealth. Knowledge is wealth, and knowledge is power.


Earlier this year, and after his father did itJameis Winston again stoked the flames that he might (unexpectedly) stay at Florida State beyond the 2014 season and eschew (for now) early entry into the NFL.

In very passionate comments, Winston left no doubt as to the value he places on the education he’s receiving at FSU.

“It’s very important to me. I was always raised as a student first and an athlete second,” Winston said to in regards to earning his degree before moving on to the NFL.

“I think that’s the main purpose in college. Some athletes lose that perspective. It’s about being a student-athlete, and not just getting that easy money and going to the league. Even if kids leave early, I would want them to come back and get that degree.”

Given the huge amount of money pouring into school coffers off the backs of these…

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Not a great look for Samsung, I wonder how they can appeal more with their phone systems.


When we last left Samsung, the company saw sales falling 9 percent and revenue falling by 24 percent. Now a survey by Counterpoint shows that consumers are more interested in picking up last season’s iPhone 5s than the new S5.

From Reuters:

Research firm Counterpoint’s survey of 35 markets accounting for nearly 90 percent of global sales found that sales for the eight-month-old iPhone 5s stood at 7 million in May, compared with about 5 million for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5, which was in just its second full month of sales after a late March release.

Arguably those numbers are gigantic: 5 million monthly sales in May is still a solid number. And, given this is a survey, those numbers could err either way. However, the clincher is that the iPhone 5s is still selling steadily even in the face of a potential upgrade in September and our neophiliac…

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