This Week Blows

This week has blown major chunks. Everywhere.. Figuratively, literally, and purely just sucked. First we had the Boston Marathon Bombings; sidenote who bombs a marathon?? People have been running for 2-6 hours, cramping, suffering, and losing their minds and you said, “hey lets blow you up with Mama’s slow cooker!”? Thats some seriously loose shit right there. Not to mention CNN completely whiffing on getting the news right. Its an absolute disgrace how they let social media influence their reports, and then had to be shown up in a LIVE television interview. Do better. 

Not to mention that Jeff Bauman, among many other heroes that day, was able to single out a lead on the guy who placed a bomb because he blew up his legs. I don’t know about you, but there are some sick things going on in the world right now. 

Then we had Waco, Texas, where a fertilizer plant went KaBOOM. And I mean, this explosion made a girl go deaf. Don’t believe me? Check tape, bro. Its absolutely unreal. 

Wednesday went off a little easier for my mental palate, but come Thursday I started hearing two crazy thoughts. First, the missing Brown student has been suggested as a lead suspect in the Boston Bombings. Holy. Shit. This kid was going through mental depression, suicidal thoughts, and then left his house and never returned. Its been a month now, and it just got scary to think that this kid might have been the one. On top of that mind-fucking news, there was a shooting at MIT Thursday. I just can’t keep going with all of this. 


If this didn’t prompt the ENTIRE US Congress to fix and reevalute how they do things, we may be lost for good. It’s bad enough how we are now. Greed is the root of all evil. In every case. 


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