Evil acts and social currency: what terrorism and modern marketing have in common.

Gods of Advertising

Flash mob?

Like most of you I spent this week considering the horrific events in Boston. We watched the 24/7 news feed. Talked to our co-workers. Lessoned our children. We took part in yet another big, heavy conversation. It’s a sick and sweet thing, observing our nation coming together over something terrible. Alas, it has become all too common.

Or has it?

In reality, these public displays of cowardly violence are fairly infrequent, at least compared to violence in general. At the Boston Marathon a bunch of people were maimed and three people died, including a child. Terrible yes. But this sort of thing happens almost every day in every big city in every country in the world. We barely even notice. Case in point, the day after the Boston tragedy Syria unloaded arsenal on vague revolutionary targets killing dozens of innocents. The story was on page four of my…

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