Jay Mohr’s Incredible Olympic Wrestling Rant Transcribed.

Absolutely correct what Mohr has said here. I’m not a wrestler, but I was always impressed with the guys who did wrestle. They do more than any of us ever will, endure more pain, and all for a chance to maybe wrestle for gold. For the love of the game.

Also, swimming isn’t a real sport. Who thought it would be cool to make a basin of water 12 feet deep, and see who could float across the fastest?

Undercard Superstar

Actor/comedian Jay Mohr has a daily radio show on Fox Sports Radio which I catch off-and-on throughout the day and download at night.  On my way to the barber (yes, gents, a BARBER, not a stylist) yesterday, I caught a few minutes of the opening of his show yesterday and was blown away by his enthusiasm towards the subject of the IOC removing wrestling from the Olympics in 2020.  Regardless of your thoughts on the matter one way or another, it was fascinating to listen to.  I couldn’t find any clips of it up, so I listened to show again and transcribed it.  Here it is, in its (mostly) entirety.

“This is horrible.  This is why I have this job, ‘cuz for a moment like this for me to explain to you guys how important of a sport this is.  I am a wrestler, it’s in our DNA.  When you…

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