Finals Period

I’m a college student. I occaisionally get to read a book of choice, usually drink from thursday through Sunday, and never skip class. It’s become a bit of a routine, but it’s better than nothing. Every semester, I try to have the schedule I want, in order to utilize my time. This utilization is usually doing my work for class right after class so I never look at it until the next week. It got me through high school, and my retention then was way worse than it is now. 


Unfortunately I started this habit 2 and a half months into the semester, around the same time I began prepping for finals. Fortunately I only have 2 real finals(and a take home paper) so right now my preparation is going strong. But the reason I’m writing this post is to remind myself, as well as any person who stumbled upon my blog (I appreciate you), that finals are not meant to be a test of knowledge. Finals are meant to be a test of patience; who can prepare themselves the way that they need to prepare individually. There have been tests where I studied for 6 straight hours the night before and aced them, or scraped by, but everything is easier when you chip away at it. Instead of making a big deal out of, oh my god I need to do XYZ, just make a habit that fits you. Finals suck for everyone, its the only time some people drink coffee or do drugs, and its there to see how ready you can be for the real world after. 

Just kidding. Reality doesn’t have final exams, they just have presentations worth your salary at that job you earned. Little different, right?


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