Sports Parity and Why its the Greatest

Laker Face

Laker Face (Photo credit: daveblume)

After waiting my entire adolescence for true reasons to play the game, and not reaching back for historic moments that I was too young to be apart of, I finally have it. Sports are finally returning to their strong grounds. The amount of parity in professional and college sports had made me more excited than anyone could possibly imagine. And rightfully so.

For years, I watched Laker dominance, Yankee dominance, Red Wings dominance, and the Patriots incredible success as the team of the first decade of the century. Yes, we can now begin to compare the centurial dispute as to which century will be greater in the infancy of modern sports. When you think about it, basketball, football, and hockey are young when compared to soccer, track, and wrestling. It’s impressive to even see how they have gained notoriety so rapidly, not to mention, surpassing some of these sports for the modern world.

Focusing in on the United States sports world, its incredible to see the parity in basketball, football, baseball, and hockey. Week in and week out, there are plenty of noteworthy games on TV, as players have vanquished from the “I’m gonna get mine” mentality and evolved into taking a team-first disposition. Although Lebron isn’t the truest example, when money talks, taking a pay-cut seems logical to get to the victory. Yes the Heat are in another category, but think about how many teams are catching up– the Bulls, Thunder, Grizzlies, Hawks, Nets, Knicks, and of course the perennial fighters in the Lakers, Spurs, and Celtics make this to be what the NBA used to be–battles and modern warfare.

In hockey, seeing the Kings win a title not too long after the Eastern Conference had a stranglehold another California team broke, it’s amazing to watch the greatness on ice. Except for Crosby- I hate that guy. But even in a league where the dominance of one team potentially overshadows a lot of serious fighting, how dope was the way the Islanders fought back into the playoff hunt?

Baseball- Detroit Tigers winning, Yankees sucking, Buster Posey back in San Fran. Need I say more? The downfall of dominance is the most obvious sign that times are changing.


The parity being experienced is only paralleled by the greatness of the 1980’s and 1990’s that was broadcast for all eyes to see. The only downside is that too many fans haven’t taken the time to notice.

The modern culture as we know it has created a new form of fandom: virtual, and while it is great to access everything from the tip of your fingers, isn’t it better to be watching KD or D-Wade drilling shots in person? The atmosphere is electric no matter where you sit, and it just doesn’t compare. I live for the days where I can go to sporting events live. I even have a list that is currently being compiled:

Sixers/Phillies/Eagles/Flyers playoff at WFargo/Citizens/Linc

Wherever Lebron is playing

Wherever Kobe is playing


Bayern Munich

Nothing beats seeing heroics, and the way all of the games are moving, more of these moments are bound to happen. Why be caught watching them from a couch when you can watch them in person? Sure, you might be in the highest section, but does that matter when you see the game-winning play?

Bring back the true fandom- sports are getting really good again and you don’t wanna miss it.




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