Not a great look for Samsung, I wonder how they can appeal more with their phone systems.


When we last left Samsung, the company saw sales falling 9 percent and revenue falling by 24 percent. Now a survey by Counterpoint shows that consumers are more interested in picking up last season’s iPhone 5s than the new S5.

From Reuters:

Research firm Counterpoint’s survey of 35 markets accounting for nearly 90 percent of global sales found that sales for the eight-month-old iPhone 5s stood at 7 million in May, compared with about 5 million for Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S5, which was in just its second full month of sales after a late March release.

Arguably those numbers are gigantic: 5 million monthly sales in May is still a solid number. And, given this is a survey, those numbers could err either way. However, the clincher is that the iPhone 5s is still selling steadily even in the face of a potential upgrade in September and our neophiliac…

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