Free Write Poem #1

Every so often I’ll post something that I wrote that does a decent job lyrically. So here’s the first step, hope you all enjoy it. PSA: More than likely going to be a sappy piece, but fxck it. It’s mine.

I really am smitten. 

Tell me a thing that makes you unattractive.

 I’ll still think you’re as cute. 

Not to mention everything about you makes me not want to live without you so I hope I can ask this once. I always say give me 3 words just to wow you but I want to say give me a thousand so I can write an unfinished poem that would never have to end, and sophisticated ending to starting off as friends. 

I really think its great you’re the way you are. I’ve had days of thinking that this won’t go far. But I have to calmly ask if this could be a good fit. Could I come for the ride do you want to go with? 

Me despite your height in a great pair of boots, I can’t take my eyes off every other part of you. You could make me swoon it’s unfair to me now, I look at you from afar and melt from the head down. But that’s classic so I’ll keep my head up, because you got angry when I would tell you big stuff. However I know beneath all the anger involved is a gorgeous dancing girl whom I feel so strong for. 

Enough sheltering feelings emotions started reeling and I’m looking to ask you to be much more. You’ll always be the homie you’ll always be my friend. Now I can I ask you to be mine till the end?

It’s something you can’t imagine

the process that makes it happen

my words becoming slurred is there difference

between the actions of the man on the sideline or in the stands.

I want to be the one on your sideline celebrating with you,

and someday finding how much i mean to you.

This feeling isn’t crazy this feelings just true,

I have actually just started to really like you. 


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