U.S. players told to change their families’ flights home from Brazil

That’s the attitude we need from a head coach!! Time to make our run.


Jürgen Klinsmann was blasted by U.S. media – and by more than a few fans – for saying it was “unrealistic” to expect the United States to win the World Cup. But has the coach changed his tune? It seems he’s now much more upbeat, and has even told his players to change their families’ return flights from Brazil, believing the USMNT will make it beyond the Round of 16.

Defender Omar Gonzalez spoke about Klinsmann’s attitude toward the rest of the tournament:

Jürgen has been nothing but positive. He’s telling us, he’s telling our families to change our flights to July 14th, 15th, because we’re going to be here until the very end. So that just speaks volumes to how positive he is, how much he believes in this team, and obviously it trickles down to all of us. That means that we’re all as confident as he is, and that we…

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WATCH: Messi’s free kick freezes Nigeria, reopens Iran’s hopes


Lionel Messi is bringing the wows to Group F.

The 27-year-old netted his second goal of the first half and fourth of the tournament on this terrific free kick.

Nigeria goalkeeper Vincent Enyeama helps the look of the goal, as he doesn’t even dive in what was otherwise a stunning opening 45 for the netminder.

Don’t think anyone will be ripping apart Messi for this spin around a tournament with Argentina.

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The best way for your kids to spend the summer is just playing

Definitely a great piece, kids need to be outside and playing versus spending time on Ipads and phones. Lost art in the tech age of millennials…

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13 Ways You Know You’re Dating A High-Quality Woman

Thought Catalog

Forgetting Sarah MarshallForgetting Sarah Marshall

1. She encourages you to pursue your goals, but she doesn’t micromanage. She trusts you to make the right decisions in your own life. She’s the cheerleader, not the coach.

2. She doesn’t try to make you jealous. She’s secure in her worth, and your ability to recognize how valuable she is. She doesn’t need to play games to “trick” you into seeing her her for what she is.

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3. She doesn’t have a princess complex. She demands that you treat her with respect — but because she is a person you love, not because she is a woman and therefore magically entitled to something. Just as she would expect you to treat your friends and family with respect, she knows you wouldn’t treat her any other way. A high-quality woman wouldn’t be with a man who was disrespectful to the people he is…

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Can Rap Music Wholly Avoid the N-Word?

Clap for a n**** with his rapping ass / Blow a stack for your n**** with your trapping ass

Now imagine if that lyric, or any other one that involves the N-word, was replaced with brotha, real man, homie, or any other term OTHER than that one. Can it happen? It should. The term of “endearment” has not only been a catalyst for musical success for some rappers, but also the downfall of an entire community. 

Calling someone “my n****”, dat n****, or anything of the sort just can’t cut it anymore. We live in this allegedly post-racial society, but we still don’t earn respect within communities if we don’t command it. First step, remove that derogatory term. You can use anything else you’d like, just leave a term that reflects 400 years of slavery and oppression in that era. 

In fact, the removal of such a word could lead to economic prosperity in so many different forms. Musically speaking, it can change how much money some of these up and coming artists make when they’re trying to be heard. 

White rappers don’t use the word, and they all seem to have a notable fan base, as well as significant plays on the airwaves. Satellite, digital, and standard radio all will play music that they don’t have to chop and screw with to cut out every n-word. Not to mention, artists can earn more money if they can gain notoriety on these radio stations, contracts for record labels will come their way sooner. Don’t believe me, see how Macklemore is doing right now. VMA’s, platinum records, awards galore. All without calling anyone a derogatory term. His songs crush airwaves and internet radio so soundly (btw s/o to the homie Jay Postal for being the first to play it on live radio).

So what can we do about this? As a culture, stop using it within our own comfort, and then other cultures who try to mimic it will then look stupid as the appropriation they participate in is no longer justified by any means. 

Another options is within the legal documents of the music industry. Since most of these idiots and their managers skim through documents, throw in a “no n***a clause”. Yeah, one where for every time they use the word, they lose percentages of royalties on the track, or album, what have you.

I challenge every rapper to become a poet, and every poet to teach rappers about lyrical intelligence and we will create the same songs over the same beats but without plaguing an entire society. More profits will come to rappers because they have songs on the airwaves. “Thrift Shop” wont be over played and oversaturate the entire market. Black Hippy, ASAP Mob, and Odd Future among every other rap group can take each other on with the lyrical prowess we should expect from each of them. The south can keep making trap music because it allows for diversity and creativity. But like Kendrick alluded to on his Control verse: rep where you’re from and not what you want to be. 

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I Will Keep Twerking

Check this out…real issues right here. Just stop trying to take this, Miley

Disrupting Dinner Parties

US weekly said Miley Cyrus is the “Empress of Twerking.” Let me tell you something. If anybody was the Empress of Twerking, it was the talented and world renown Josephine Baker.

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My MJ vs. Lebron comparison: Retro significance

As a semi-retired sneaker head, I tend to keep tabs on whats new, what’s poppin’ in most circles as it pertains to sneaker culture. Over the last 7 years, I’ve probably spent closer to $6000 on sneakers,shoes, and cleats. As I’ve grown my taste has turned from more sneakers to more dress shoes, mainly due to kicks looking a little more out of place in a workroom or conference. But when it comes to throwbacks, retro’s, OG’s, whatever you may call them, I always try to keep at least a pair in my rotation.

Whether they are re-released or released for the first time, retro sneakers hold so much more significance than any other shoe. Whatever Reggie wore in 95? I want those. What about MJ’s 66 in Boston? Want those, too. The desire for history creates more demand that the sneaker itself. Some sneakerheads will buy shoes just because they may have been there when it happened, and it becomes a special memento for some people.

To be clear–and as any other person with a brain has stated–Lebron James is the most dominant player in the game today. Aside from his offensive prowess and versatility, he had a stretch of 250+ minutes without a foul. His discipline, detailed game, and desire to be the all-around most efficient player are unmatched. Like Jordan, he has worked to become a force, and a leader.

First comparison in order: the 1st release versus first title. Michael Jordan and Nike debuted the Air Jordan 1 in 1985, and he won his first title in 1991, with the Air Jordan 6. Now, the Retro 6’s are highly coveted, especially after the illustrious career of the great one. Lebron came into the league in 2003, and started rocking the Zoom generation sneaker. Soon after, he facilitated the Lebron Soldier sneaker, a secondary signature. When he won that first title, just a year ago, he was wearing the Lebron 9’s. Which shoe combo you got? Jordan 1/Jordan 6, or Zoom Generation/Lebron 9? Jordan wins.

The problem with comparing these two sneaker icons is that the trend of one has been disrespected by the other. Retro Jordan’s have always been known to have an unmistakeable first color way–Red,white, and black– and then several other colorways were released afterwards. Lebron, due to his early career trade to the head, hasn’t created a signature colorway that comes out with every shoe. If you look through all of the Lebron 9’s and 10’s, there are more  colorways than that of the OG Jordan’s. This trend of colorful colorways comes with the trend of high-fashion, bright colors, and flair. Jordan’s flair was assessed with with his iconic shoe game. You never saw Jordan with a pair of “What-the MJ’s” Nike’s played with like Lebron did early in playoffs. Although incredible, this discredits the overall value of the Lebron shoe game.

So who ya got? Through 9-10 years of careers and sneakers, Lebron loses a close match-up off the court versus the G.O.A.T. But come after that, it could be a much different game in 2020.


The G.O.A.T vs. LBJ

The G.O.A.T vs. LBJ

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